"Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world,
but themselves"
- Stephen Moss

What is Forest School

Forest School supports children in the discovery of the woodland through regular, long-term experiences.  The benefits of Forest Schools are multitier; Child-led activities enable children to be creative and take risks, resolve problems and enhance communication skills, thereby building children’s confidence and self-esteem.  All this as well as developing a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural environment that surrounds them.
At Wild Wood Bristol Forest School we believe that attending a Forest School should feel a lot like camping in the woods, without the need to put up a tent!  Our fun-filled sessions are wholly child centred, responding to the interests of the children that attend. Sequences of sessions help children gain a better understanding of the seasonally changing state of the woodland.  Some examples of activities include:
  • Team building games                       
  • Cooking on the fire
  • Creative Craft activities
  • Traditional tool use
  • Woodland exploration
  • Woodland preservation
We consider risk taking to be an important part of learning.  All activities are assessed on a risk/benefit basis, with suitable steps taken to ensure that children are challenged and supported but ultimately remain safe.
We aim to create a supportive environment where children's self-esteem and personal confidence grows while developing valuable skills that they will use throughout their lives.
  • Tree climbing

  • Wild animal tracking

  • bug hunts

  • Pooh sticks

  • Dam building

  • Plant identification

Dressing for Forest School

Dress for the occassion and there is no such thing as too many layers.  We always recommend chidlren and adult come dressed in long trousers and study footwear, preferably wellies.  This ensures that you are set for all that Mother Nature has in stall for us and minimises the chances of being bitten or stung.  A few other suggestions include: 
  • thick wellie socks (or multiple layers of socks)
  • waterproof over-trousers
  • vest and layered tops
  • fleece
  • gloves and hat

“Jessica just said 'can't wait for Friday because then it'll be Forest School the next day!'  It is a great hit"