Staying Covid-19 Safe

As a company we have made some changes so we can adhere to government Covid-19 advice and ensure that all participants of our group remain Covid-19 safe.  There include:

  • Restricting the groups to a max of fifteen family groups.  This is to ensure that no more than 30 people are participating in the group at any one time

  • Requesting that no more than one adult attends the session per family, with preferably the same adult attending from week-to-week

  • Bookings can only be made for a term or the remaining period of the term.  This is to assist with NHS track and Trace systems 

  • Families will be offered a pack of individual resources (brushes, pens and sheets, etc).  This is to reduce the instances in which resources are used by different family groups


  • Where resources are limited and there is the need for them to  be shared, parents will be asked to use the antibacterial wipes that are available to clean them following their use


  • Activities will be set up around the site to support families with social distancing (for instance one family group per activity) 


  • Adults are asked to adhere to social distance rules while attending the group (maintaining a minimum two-meter distance from each other).  It is accepted, however, that children will, at times, socialise in closer contact with other children


  • When moving between activities, it is asked that children and adults clean their hands using the cleaning stations that are available or use the sanitising liquid that is made available

  • To limit the need for participants to shelter within in an enclosed area, a session may be cancelled if particularly poor weather is forecast (long periods of persistent, heavy rain/ snow).  This will result in the cost of the session being fully refunded if an alternative date can not be arranged

  • If any member of a family group is showing symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, new persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) it is asked that they do not attend the session.  It is asked that they seek the advice of NHS online or contact their local doctor's surgery


  • As a company we are offering a Covid guarantee: if you or any of your family members are unable to attend a session(s) due to showing Covid-19 symptoms or through the need to self isolate due to having Covid-19, a refund for the value of the sessions missed will be offered. Likewise, any sessions that are cancelled due to the need for the group organiser to self-isolate, then a pro-rata refund will be offered